Mitchella ~2014 Malbec

Tasting the Mitchella ~ 2014 Malbec

Mitchella ~2014 Malbec

From the intense inviting vivid purple colour to the burst of floral aromas that seem restless to be out of the glass. Enjoy the sweet spice, violets and vanilla interwoven with juicy ripe red fruits on the nose. Only to have your palate lulled into the rich, soft roundness of this wine with juicy well integrated tannins. Hints of black cherry, cassis and a long lasting silky finish to send you off.

A marvelous find! Especially how the spiciness hits you mid-palate. With just 50 cases made, it will be a shame not to have your own. Drink this now through to 2022.

Break out the cheese board and pair with either; the mild mannered Italian Piave Vecchio, not too salty or nutty, caramel hints are a bonus. The English Lincolnshire Poacher. Similar to cheddar in its earthy quality and slight caramel undertones.

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