A Super Bowl Wine Maker

Enjoy Kickoff with The Paso Robles Wine Club
As the kickoff for Super Bowl 50 nears, people all along California’s Central Coast are preparing their menus and choosing which wines to serve from their Paso Robles Wine Club shipments, but not many people know that one of our local winemakers is a former Super Bowl star himself, with football roots that run deep.

TH Estate Wines is located just off the 46 in Paso Robles in the Willow Creek AVA. Owners Jennifer and Terry Hoage, were drawn to the Central Coast and after discovering a beautiful piece of land to farm, they never looked back. Planting a vineyard and making wine, while often romanticized, is risky business, but for Terry Hoage, a former NFL safety, it was a risk he was willing to take.

Terry Hoage’s NFL career spanned 13 seasons, during which he played on six teams—The New Orleans Saints, The Washington Redskins, The Philadelphia Eagles, The San Francisco 49ers, The Houston Oilers, and the Arizona Cardinals. In 1992, it was with the Washington Redskins that he won a Super Bowl.

TH Estate Wines produce some of the best wines on the Central Coast. In fact, they were even given a nod of approval by Robert Parker who said, “This is the kind of wine the Central Coast should be producing more.”

TH Estate Wines are Rhone-style wines. Many of them have names that pay homage to Terry Hoage’s football career, including:

Skins: Grenache
The Pick: Grenache Cuvee
5 Blocks: Syrah Cuvee
The Hedge: Syrah
The 46: Grenahce-Syrah

No matter who you want to see win Super Bowl 50, it’s a good bet that if you pick up a bottle or two to share with friends this Super Bowl weekend, you’ll be the real winner. To enjoy tasting the wines of Paso Robles Wine Country and California’s Central Coast, join The Paso Robles Wine Club and receive regular shipments of the best wines from the area.


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