2020 Winter Wine Club Notes


Tasting Notes


2020 Winter                              ALL WINES

Denner Vineyards - 2015 Ditch Digger 

The heightened definition of a blend with 6 Rhone Varietals: 55% Grenache, 20% Mourvedre, 10% Syrah, 5% Counoise, 5% Cinsault, 5% Tannat.  The notes on this wine include foot stomping from the beginning and 50% whole cluster fermentation.  After decanting for about 30 minutes the wine opens to a nose of dark berry with hints of clove and leather.  On the palate, roasted plums and spices along with lovely hints of blackberry jam and easy to handle acids and tannins.  Finish is soft, fruity, and pleasant.   Enjoy with a hearty grilled pork chop and mashed potatoes.  Drink now through 2025  

Desparada - 2019 Fragment

This is a Whopper of a White!  100% Sauvignon Blanc, this one will knock you off your feet.  These are the Winemakers Tasting Notes: Electric triangle, zinc oxide Barbie doll, cliff jumping, twiggy in a lime pinafore, double-decker bus full of lemon pastries, falling off a hammock, the golden hour.  My notes are simple ~ lemon drops on steroids in a glass.  Acidic and hugely entertaining and ultimately enjoyable.  This wine will wake up your palate.   Commonly paired with seafood, I suggest it goes with a thick heavy cream chowder or the meatiest of shark with a heavy cream white sauce.  Drink now through summer 2021  

 Desparada - 2017 Soothsayer

We can’t say we have ever seen this particular blend before…. Another of Paso’s keystones is blending - the 44%Barbera, 40%Cabernet Sauvignon and 16%Nebbiolo in this combine to bring forth a powerhouse of a wine.   Winemakers notes are: Handwritten letters, bee stings, Turkish coffee & delights, black ice, Bar-le-duc jelly, falling asleep in a blackberry bush, re-charging your crystals My notes are:  A spicy nose gives way to a really approachable fruit on the tongue and supple soft textures and big fruit flavors heavy on blackberry’s. Spices and soft tannins fill the final third of the sip.  Paired with nothing it is easily a fruit serving in a glass…. or… (highly suggested due to the alcohol content) any kind of protein heavy dish.  Drink now through summer 2026

Peachy Canyon - 2017 Petite Sirah

Straightforward and concentrated dark fruits and winter spices like nutmeg fill the nose on initial inspection.  This wine is a dark purple and boasts blackberry and dark cherry flavors.  Moderate expressions of acids or tannins are kept at bay by the fruit structure.  Slight indications of chocolate arrive at the back of the palate as the finish is quite soft.  Pair with hamburgers or perhaps a cheesy meatloaf!  Drink now through 2023

Sea Shell Cellars - 2019 Viognier

This wine is like opening a book on the variety with the initial scents of honeysuckle and violets.  It was picked early and is lighter than many of its relatives.   Demonstrating animated and soft on the tongue acidity.  It displays an interesting peach & pear combination, but this changes slightly in the glass as it warms. The addition of oxygen leads to a richer thicker mouthfeel.   It is such an easy wine to consume.  Pair this Viognier with a traditional spicy Asian dish.   Drink now through 2021. 

Sea Shell Cellars - 2018 Tempranillo

A Tempranillo which is bright, fruity and really easy drinking.  Somewhat unusual coming from Paso and unlike some of the other reds in this selection, we consider this of moderate body and it displays light fruit aromatics.  Expressive & airy red fruits show on the front of the palate then continue through the middle.  There are friendly tannins and acids to offer a balanced finish.   Consider pairing with a Holiday Ham!  Enjoy now through 2024

Steinbeck Vineyards - 2015 The Crash 

Winemakers notes:  The drive of this wine is its intensity and structure, but is supported by an entrancing aroma and palate of dark fruit and earthy spiciness.  PRWC reflections: The Crash was a really bold wine in its early days. One of the frustrations of being in the region, but also a perk, is being able to watch & wait for certain wines to come of age.  We have been rewarded in this balanced, and still big, but very approachable wine.  As a blend, it melds aromas & flavors effortlessly and carries a beautiful finish.   Pair with Steak or most barbeque meats. Drink now through 2025 

Thacher Winery & Vineyard - 2018 Valdiguie 

Another of Paso Robles intriguing and diverse grape varieties and the first inclusion of Valdiguie in our club during our 15 year history.  A deep dark color belies the relatively delicate flavors and aromas the wine offers.  30% whole cluster fermentation makes for a slight herbaceous note.  There is a red-fruit component highlighting strawberry, and gentle impression of earthiness within a light tannin mouthfeel.  You may know Valdiguié as “Napa Gamay” and it was widely planted in California in the middle part of the 1900’s, sadly not so much any more.   Pair with Roasted Duck.   Drink now through 2024 


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