2020 Fall Wine Club Notes


Tasting Notes


2020 Fall                               ALL WINES

Penman Springs - 2016 Petite Sirah 

This Petite Sirah is a lovely, layered food friendly and eminently quaffable wine.  Beautiful berry and cola aromas lead to an illuminated fresh dark berry flavor on the front of the palate.  Boysenberry, Blackberry and a tinge of tannin on the midpalate make the wine really easy to enjoy and savor.  The tannins are not grippy as many Petite Sirahs are prone to be, and this leads to an elegant but refined moderate length finish.   I agree with the following suggestions for pairing from the winery: Pairs exquisitely with lamb, duck or blue cheese topped filet. Drink now through 2024 

MCV  - 2018 Red 

A Blend of Petite Sirah, Syrah, Grenache, Tannat, Petit Verdot, Mourvedre & Malbec.  This is an excellent example of wine making prowess.  7 varieties in the right quantities to create a really friendly wine.  Upfront, the obviously ripe fruit character is a mishmash of flavors.  The Petite Sirah leads so there are some blackberry and boysenberry notes, and some strawberry nuance from the Grenache, and a little bit of cherry from the Bordeaux’s in the mix.  It is an everyday wine that is a fantastic value for the price.  This wine is smooth and balanced, yet bold.  It will pair with just about anything or go great all by itself.  Drink before 2022

Vino Vargas - 2019 Aha! (100% Albariño) 

Allow this white to open up and take in some oxygen before drinking.  Surprisingly, sometimes white wines will require a little TLC before drinking.  This Albarino is one of those. Take in the honeysuckle floral aromas with a hint of pear, citrus and quince.  There are some faint tropical fruit flavors, hints of lime and a fleeting glimpse of banana and passion fruit.  This Albarino is friendly to drink with soft cheeses and assorted charcuterie or even with table grapes.  Drink through 2021.

Vino Vargas - 2017 Salud (100% Sangiovese) 

Bright, aromatic and approachable, this Sangiovese is the last of its kind from the vineyard it was sourced from.  Enjoy aromas of strawberry, plum, raisin, smoke and vanilla. It is slightly fruit forward with a touch of spice.  Soft tannins allow it to carry the bright berry and ripe red plum from the front of the palate to the mid-palate, and finishes with a similar fresh and vibrant berry spice.  Pair this wine with a Margherita Pizza or a classic Spinach salad!  Drink now through 2025

Zin Alley - 2017 Zinfandel (100% Zinfandel)

Zin Alley has been producing these wines year after year and wow!  Frank Nerelli takes only Zinfandel fruit off of his small vineyard and has for 25 years.   The 17 is right on track with past vintages.  Spice and summer florals will flow in the aromas.  Bright raspberry and fresh summen red fruits cover the tongue and spiciness appeals to the palate and the finish shows that characteristic hint of Zinfandel pepper notes.  This wine will have you going back for more with or without food.   But if you are having a meal designed just for it…. Think a hearty spaghetti with meat sauce, or perhaps some baby back ribs with a sweet bbq sauce.  Drink now through 2024 for its best expression. 

Anglim - 2017 Pinot Noir (100% Pinot Noir)

Anglim’s first Paso Robles Pinot Noir.  Hastings Ranch is in the Adelaida District and this Pinot Noir is purely Paso.  Clear aromas of cherry and flowers are released with the swirl.  Deep rich ripe fruit, cherry, with a depth of character and earthiness brought about by Paso’s warmer climate will intrigue the senses.   Wonderfully balanced and friendly finish show the quality of the winemaker in this untraditionally Paso Robles wine.  Pair with just about any lighter style meal for example a fresh Greek salad or perhaps a salmon with white sauce.  

Bushong - 2019 Faire le Fête (Sparkling Gewurztraminer)


This is a really fun addition to our wine club and a very exclusive one also!  We are the only club which will be allowed to showcase this wine (beyond the winery itself of course).  From the Winemakers notes:  “Méthode Champenoise Gewürztraminer was harvested from western blocks within Paso Robles' subdivision of the Adelaida District.  En tirage for 15 months, this sparkling wine presents light floral aromatics, a crisp citrus palate and a long lasting yet quenching ginger finish.”   PRWC take on this:  Amazing sparkling wine and a Gewurztraminer to boot.  We have not seen Gewurztraminer with this kind of presentation at any time in the past, certainly not from Paso Robles.  The fact we can grow this normally cool climate grape in Paso proves the diversity of our area!   Pair with Turkey, Stuffing and Gravy or even hearty Pork Chops.   

Bushong - 2017 Tannat (100% Tannat)

Tannat is usually used as a blending wine because it is commonly thought of as a big, bold bruiser of a wine. It gives weight, density and complexity to sometimes lighter style rhone varieties.  Heavy with tannins which is where the name comes from, Tannat is the most heavily planted grape in Uruguay.  While its origins are in the south of France, and Spain, Tannat can, when allowed to ripen to its full potential, be a sublime & beautiful bombshell of  a wine.  (Think Jessica Rabbit from the Disney Classic ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’).  Here are the Winemakers notes: “Dense, Rich & Focused. Stewed red and black berries, chocolate, and coffee meld together seamlessly after time in the decanter. The tannin structure is the foundation of this wine that is pronounced in the finish with soft, chalky tannins”.    Drink now through 2027 and pair with a venison stew!