Santa Maria Style BBQ and Central Coast Wines

Enjoy Santa Maria-Style BBQ with The Paso Robles Wine Club
On California’s Central Coast the weather is almost nice enough to enjoy BBQ season all year long and for members of The PasoRobles Wine Club, of the most enjoyable food and wine pairings is to pair Santa Maria style BBQ tri tip with a hearty red wine from Paso Robles Wine Country. While it might seem coincidental that so many of the wines produced on California’s Central Coast pair well with this local favorite, we like to remind our wine club members that wine is an agricultural product and since it’s part of the terroir of the region, it tends to go well with what we eat, too.

Santa Maria-style BBQ is deeply rooted in the history of California’s Central Coast throughout the Santa Maria Valley, Santa Ynez Valley, and Santa Barbara—and it’s popular throughout California and beyond. Santa Maria BBQ is tri-tip seasoned with a blend of black pepper, garlic, and salt and then grilled over red oak, or coast live oak. Traditionally, Santa Maria BBQ is cooked on a large iron grill with a crank handle that allows the pit master to raise and lower the meat until it’s cooked to perfection, but on the Central Coast, most people cook their Santa Maria BBQ right in their own backyard on a kettle grill.

You can pick up all the ingredients for this favorite at your neighborhood grocery store, including the seasoning mix and red oak. Here are a few of our favorite wines to sip on while cooking and eating Santa Maria-style BBQ:

Pinot Noir: This can be a perfect match for Santa Maria-style BBQ, especially if you find one with plenty of terroir—nuances of mushroom, meat, leather, and even barnyard—but, of course, a good balance of fruit, especially cherry, and a bit of floral.

Cabernet: Thought the Central Coast isn’t known for its Cabernets, we produce plenty of good ones here and are particularly full-bodied with dark fruit and black pepper.

Syrah: Intense in flavor, with overtones of black pepper and dark fruits—think black currant and blackberry—this hearty wine was born for BBQ.

Join The Paso Robles Wine Club today and you’ll receive regular shipments of wines from the Paso Robles Wine Region that are hand-selected and delivered to your door. You’ll enjoy pairing the wines with your favorite foods and sharing your discoveries with both friends and family. Want to make your own Santa Maria-style BBQ? Here’s a recipe: Santa Maria-style BBQ from Bobby Flay, Food Network star. Enjoy!