For The Win: An Academy Award Wine Pairing

Enjoy The Academy Awards with The Paso Robles Wine Club
We’re less than two weeks away from the 88th Academy Awards and all over the Central Coast of California, people are working out the details of their get-togethers and parties, all while the pace increases to see as many of the nominated films as possible. And while less than 300 miles away in Los Angeles, Hollywood is a beehive of activity, in Paso Robles Wine Country the pace is a lot slower—thankfully—so, this year, instead of getting swept up in the hustle and bustle, break out your most recent Paso Robles Wine Club shipment, put together a buffet of your favorite comfort foods, and kick back and watch the Academy Awards from your sofa.
Here are our 5 favorite Academy Award worthy comfort foods and the wines to pair them with:

Hot Buttered Popcorn: No matter how star-studded the guest list or chic the venue, there’s nothing that pairs better with the movies than hot buttered popcorn. For the best at home version, do it the old fashioned way by popping the kernels in hot oil and then tossing the hot popcorn with copious amounts of butter. Serve with plenty of napkins and a Central Coast Chardonnay.

Fried Chicken: Can’t think of the Academy Awards without thinking of bubbles? You’re not alone. Champagne and sparkling wines are a top choice for both home and Hollywood parties and while the thought of bubbles may make you think of smoked salmon or caviar, the best food to pair with it is fried chicken. Not only is a sparkling wine a great palate refresher, but the acidity and effervescence are perfect for cutting through all of that delicious crispy, buttery, batter and skin. Choose one of the many Central Coast sparkling wines for a match made in heaven.

Pizza: With so many great pizzerias along California’s Central Coast and throughout Paso Robles Wine Country, the toughest part of the evening will be choosing which one to order your pie from—and the toppings. The best match for pizza is the wine that put Paso Robles Wine Country on the map—Zinfandel. Pick a fruity Zinfandel with lots of blue, black and red fruit, mild tannins, and a little bit on the peppery side.

Chicken Wings: Take a look at the red carpet processional with all of those jaw dropping dresses, glitzy jewelry, and expensive tuxedoes and the last thing that may cross your mind is a plate full of saucy chicken wings, but they’re one of the top party foods for Academy Award parties—and every other party throughout the year. Slather on the BBQ sauce and with the sweetness of brown sugar, molasses, and maple, choose a Central Coast Zinfandel for a star performance.

Chocolate Brownies: A favorite of just about everyone, extra dense, rich chocolate brownies are a real winner—and take very little effort. Pair them with a Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon rich with black fruit—black cherries, black currants, blackberries—and vanilla and caramel.

The best part of enjoying the Academy Awards from home isn’t just that you can watch them in your pajamas, but that you can pair your favorite comfort foods with wines form the Central Coast of California and Paso Robles Wine Country and, if you’re a member of The Paso Robles Wine Club, you don’t even need to leave your house to buy wine; we’ll ship it right to your door. Now that’s a real winner.