Toasting the Holiday Feast

A Very Merry Pairing with The Paso Robles Wine Club
Many Paso Robles Wine Club members set aside their wine shipments to enjoy during the holidays when they can share them with their family and friends, while others like to spend a day wine tasting in Paso Robles Wine Country and selecting a few new favorites for the holiday table. Whether you’re in the first group, or the second, no doubt you’re looking for the perfect wine suggestions so you can pair the right wine with your holiday meal.

Here are a few suggestions for the traditional meals that might be gracing your table this season:

The Holiday Ham: Whether glazed or topped with pineapple slices and brown sugar, choose a Zinfandel or Pinot Noir—or go white with a Roussane or Marsanne blend.

Prime Rib: Ultra succulent and savory, a fatty beef roast with rosemary and herbs needs a wine that can stand up to its flavors. Choose a Cabernet or Bordeaux blend.

Roast Goose: The rich, dark meat of roasted goose needs a wine that can complement its flavors without getting lost in the mix. Choose a Syrah for this feast.

Pork Crown Roast: Tucked beneath a glaze of apricots and served with cornbread dressing, a Grenache blend is the perfect choice.

Roast Duck: Fatty, wild and complex—for some, duck is an acquired taste, but when paired with a Rhone blend, you’ll have everyone asking for seconds.

Finding the perfect wine for your holiday feast takes only a little planning. Use the guide above, or choose one of the recent selections from the Paso Robles Wine Club. Finally, remember that choosing the perfect wine for your holiday celebration is more than just choosing the right wine to pair with the main course. Remember to select a local Sauvignon or Chardonnay to pair with your cheese course.