What to Pour with the Thanksgiving Feast

November in Paso Robles Wine Country brings cooler temperatures and morning fog, which turns the rolling landscape into a picture perfect postcard made for the Thanksgiving holiday. The long weekend brings family and friends together to eat, drink and make merry, but with a holiday feast that includes both light and dark meat and as many savory sides as the heart desires, trying to find the perfect wine can leave any host perplexed, if not riddled with anxiety. If you’re a member of the Paso Robles Wine Club, you’ve probably already set aside a few bottles for your holiday dinner, but if not, read on for a few suggestions on what to serve at your Thanksgiving feast:

Go for the bubbles! A great way to kick off the day is to pour your guests a glass of sparkling wine, Cava, or Champagne to get the festivities underway. Set out a triple cream cheese with water crackers alongside so that guests have something to munch on while waiting for dinner.

Let’s Talk Turkey:  With a mix of complicated herbs and light and dark meat, it’s hard to pinpoint what wine to serve with turkey. Here’s a few wines that will go well with the bird and the sides:
·        Viognier or Sauvignon Blanc are both refreshing and with notes of honey, pear and apple would work well with the turkey, or, even a crisp, light, fruity.   Riesling strikes a balance between sugar and acidity and it can hold its own against an array of spices, so it’s a good match for sweet potato casserole, gravy and even pumpkin pie.

Think Late Harvest: Some would argue that the best part of the Thanksgiving feast is the dessert table, but finding a wine to pair with the traditional fare of pumpkin, sweet potato and pecan pie can seem impossible until you discover the magic of a late harvest wine. With their high sugar content they’re a good match for sweet, spicy desserts.

A good Thanksgiving meal will give you leftovers for days and while it’s a good idea to get outside and get a little exercise to counter all of the rich food, the long holiday weekend is also the perfect time to gather with family and friends and embark on a Wine Wrangler wine tasting tour through the Paso Robles Wine Region—or beyond to Santa Ynez or Monterey.