The Language of Wine: 5 White Varietals

Many of our members joined the Paso Robles Wine Club because they wanted to learn more about the Paso Robles Wine Region and about the different varieties and styles of wine. Learning about wine is a journey that involves reading about wines, tasting wines, and letting your palate explore the different varietals.

To get you started on the journey, here are 5 white varietals, their flavor profiles and origins:

Roussanne: Native to France, Roussane is a Rhone varietal with flavors of apricot, pear and honey. Somewhat difficult to grow because it is susceptible to powdery mildew and rot, this varietal thrives in warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine.

Vermintino: Native to the Mediterranean, especially Italy, this easy to grow varietal is resistant to drought, making it a good grape to grow in Paso Robles. Flavors range from peach and lemon, to saline and minerality.

Grenache Blanc: Native to Spain, this vigorous grower and early to ripen varietal is easy to grow. Flavors include apple, peach and licorice.

Marsanne: Native to France, this Rhone varietal arrived in California in the 1980s and is a good blending grape. Distinct flavors of melon and minerality.

Viognier: Native to France, this Rhone varietal can be difficult to grown. It requires a long, warm growing season to fully develop its natural herbaceous flavors, which also include peach, pear, violets and minerality.

Knowing a little information about common Paso Robles wine varietals will help you expand your tasting experience. Use this newfound knowledge to taste your way through your Paso Robles Wine Club shipments, or put it to the test on a wine tasting tour of the Paso Robles Wine Region with The Wine Wrangler.