Eberle: The Spark that Ignited a Region

It’s impossible to talk about the Paso Robles Wine Region without bringing Gary Eberle into the conversation. Often referred to as “The Godfather” of the Paso Robles AVA, Eberle was a graduate student at LSU studying cellular genetics when a deepening interest in wine made him switch career paths and head west to California. He promptly enrolled at UC Davis and in 1971, graduated with a degree in Enology.

After graduation, he headed down to the California Central Coast. What he saw here was the perfect place to grow fruit and along with his two brother-in-laws, he established Estrella River Winery and Vineyards. But like any pioneer, he had his own vision and soon after, Eberle bought 64 acres just down the road and set off to make great wine.

That Gary Eberle is a great wine maker goes without saying, but his legacy is even more profound in that he influenced a generation of winemakers and set the standards for Central Coast Wines, arguably, even putting the Paso Robles AVA on the map.

 Much has changed over the last 30 plus years since Gary Eberle arrived in Paso Robles. At first, he was one of only a handful of wineries and vineyards in the area, but now he keeps company with almost 200 others with a similar vision.

What hasn’t changed is Gary Eberle’s commitment to making the best wines—which consistently score high—or the hospitality at Eberle Winery. Guests can enjoy a complimentary tour of the production facilities and the wine caves (over 16,000 square feet to explore) before or after wine tasting, or take part in a wide variety of seasonal events, including Harvest celebrations, winemaker dinners and even a Halloween ‘spookiest caves’ tour.

To enjoy the fun and meet Gary Eberle for yourself, book a wine tasting tour with The Wine Wrangler. In the meantime, by joining The Paso Robles Wine Club, you can sample a variety of wines made in the Paso Robles AVA.