Paso Robles Wine Club Food Pairing: Grey Wolf Cellars ~ 2014 Jackal

Enjoy a Glass of Grey Wolf Cellars - 2014 Jackal

Zinfandel for the win! Winemaker Joseph works the fruit of his family owned winery into an approachable, fruit forward and complex wine. While the Cabernet Sauvignon lends laid-back structure to the wine, the Zinfandel takes charge and delivers ripe and rich red fruit aromas of Raspberry. 

Enjoy spicy suggestions of anise and a well rounded and velvety body with a long finish. It is easy to see why the winery sold out of this wine. Luckily, we picked up the last bottle for our allocation! Drink and enjoy through 2020. 

Consider the acidity and weight of this wine while pairing with cheese, though it should go well with most mature Cheeses, it might perhaps be best to steer clear of full flavored ones like Stilton as they might overpower it and make it seem light. The soft silky tannin and spice that the wine offers give you a chance to try out artisan cheeses perhaps with added flavors like Thyme and Cardamom. 

For any true Game of Thrones fan, this wine makes a great pairing for watching the Starks retake Winterfel, wouldn't you agree? And, with the irony not lost-Lamb. Juicy and flavorful lamb accommodates the fruit and soft structure of this wine into a symphony of flavor.


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