Wines for Your Cinco de Mayo Party

Join the Party with The Paso Robles Wine Club
Celebrating Cinco de Mayo on California’s Central Coast and throughout Paso Robles Wine Country is a tradition for both locals and visitors. When it comes to making a toast, most people might instinctively reach for a beer or a margarita, but this year, you might want to celebrate by opening a bottle of wine. Paso Robles Wine Club members are in luck, because in each shipment, they receive wines from the Paso Robles Wine Region that are perfect for pairing with food—even classic Mexican fare.

Paso Robles, California is home to nearly 200 wineries. Named Wine Region of the Year by Wine Spectator Magazine, and located halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, California’s Central Coast is a busy place that draws wine lovers from near and far. Winemaking dates back several centuries and while it might not be well known, the oldest winery in the Americas is located in Parras de la Fuente in the Northern Mexico state of Coahuila. Casa Madero started producing wines in 1597 and to this day, the Mexican people continue to enjoy wine with their meals.

Here are a few Cinco de Mayo favorites and the wines to pair with them:

Enchiladas: Everyone loves this dish of warm corn tortillas stuffed with shredded chicken or beef and topped with a slightly spicy red sauce, covered with cheese and baked until golden and bubbly. The best wine to pair with this Mexican classic is a Tempranillo Rosè.

Fish Tacos: Classic with white fish, these are even more sumptuous done with fresh salmon, charred to perfection over an open flame. Pile into warm corn tortillas with shredded cabbage, cilantro, diced red onion and a spoonful of chunky cherry salsa. Serve with a Central Coast Pinot Noir—the spicy oak and red fruits will pick up the nuances of the charred fish beautifully.

Nachos: The proverbial blank slate of your Cinco de Mayo party. Nachos start with a layer of crunchy corn chips and from there, can go in any direction you’d like. We like to top ours with handfuls of succulent carnitas topped with shredded jack cheese. Pour yourself a glass of Grenache and kick back for an enjoyable meal.

This year, Celebrate Cinco de Mayo by pairing your favorite Mexican—or Tex Mex—dishes with wines from California’s Central Coast and the Paso Robles Wine Country. Membership in the Paso Robles Wine Club is free and you’ll be able to choose from several packages that allow you to control the number of wines shipped. With the Paso Robles Wine Club, you’ll enjoy pairing wines with your favorite foods and celebrating with friends and family—all year long.