3 Benefits of Attending a Wine Festival

Taste More Wines with The Paso Robles Wine Club
This weekend many Paso Robles Wine Club Members will enjoy tasting wine as the 34th annual Paso Robles Wine Festival kicks off in downtown Paso Robles, showcasing many of the nearly 200 wineries that call Paso Robles Wine Country home. In recent years, California’s Central Coast has gained recognition, especially after Wine Enthusiast named Paso Robles the wine region of the year in 2013.

As in years past, wine lovers from all over the California—even the world—will attend the Paso Robles Wine Festival. While wine tasting is the main draw, there are many things to learn at a wine festival that can help you develop a better palate, while learning about the many wines produced in Paso Robles.

Here are 3 benefits of attending a wine festival:

You’ll Taste More Wines: Most people attend a wine festival for the purpose of tasting more wines, and it’s a good way to go about learning about the wines produced in an area without having to travel from one winery to another. However, tasting more wines can stress your palate and very quickly, you can go numb, unable to pick out the nuances of a wine. If you monitor yourself, sip water between tastings, and spit more than you swallow, you’ll stay focused and learn more.

You’ll Meet Winemakers: Going wine tasting usually means going to a tasting room and learning about the wines from the tasting room staff and while most tasting room attendants are well-trained and knowledgeable about their wines, there’s nothing quite like learning about wines from the person who makes them. At a wine festival, you’ll meet the winemakers, learn about the process, the vineyards, the soil, and the intent. All of this, of course, will make you a better taster.

You’ll Enjoy the Camaraderie: Wine tasting and drinking wine is a social event. We often forget, but we shouldn’t, that wine is an agricultural product, produced and refined through a process that includes managing the land, caring for the grapes, harvesting the fruit, and the winemaker’s education and expertise in coaxing the grapes to produce the best wine possible. Sharing wine with people who you know well and those you’ve just met is to share the process. It’s also a great way to talk with others and to learn from their palates and expertise, as well.

Attending the Paso Robles Wine Festival can be an educational experience and once you’ve learned more about the wines produced in Paso Robles Wine Country, you’ll want to taste more wines. Membership in the Paso Robles Wine Club will allow you to do just that by receiving regular shipments of hand-selected wines from the area. You can enjoy the wines in your own home, with friends and family, and continue learning about wines from California’s Central Coast.