The Art of Making a Memorable Toast

Cheers! Paso Robles Wine Club
As we near the end of summer along California’s Central Coast, many people think that wedding season is on the wane. However, with striking views and nearly 200 wineries, Paso Robles Wine Country is a popular venue for late summer and early fall weddings. As a member of the wedding party, or even a close family friend, you may be asked to make a toast to the couple. After taking a moment to put your nerves at rest, you might be left wondering how to make a memorable toast.
Here are 3 tips for making a memorable toast:

Keep it short: Before you start working on what you’re going to say, the first thing to remember is brevity. Keep your sentiments short. It’s easier for people to pay attention and your words will be more memorable.

Have someone introduce you: It’s hard to get the group’s attention, especially during a festive event. Research shows that when someone else introduces you, the group is more likely to give you the floor, pay attention, and see you as an authority. Your introduction need not be grand, just a short, “Here’s ______ with a few special words."

Tell a story: We all come from a long line of storytellers, so it’s no wonder that we’re hardwired to prefer short narratives. Whether you’re telling a story about the bride or the groom—or both—remember that the best anecdotes entertain and make a point, but don’t embarrass.

Life’s special moments are meant to be celebrated and shared. If you’re asked to make a toast, a few simple tips can help you make one that’s memorable. As for the perfect gift— a membership to  The Paso Robles Wine Club will provide the couple a selection of wines to make the most of life’s special events. Our club members enjoy regular shipments of unique, boutique wines from Paso Robles Wine Country and always include wines to enjoy now and others, to put away for a special event.