Keeping Cool: Tips for Protecting Your Wine from Summer Heat

The Paso Robles Wine Club Wine Storage Tips 
Members of The Paso Robles Wine Club and wine lovers across the world, know that the summer heat can damage a good bottle of wine very quickly. For the wine lover, there’s nothing worse than opening a much anticipated bottle of wine only to find that it’s been cooked. Thankfully, with a few insider tips and a little pre-planning, you can protect your investment and keep on sipping all summer long.

Here are 3 ways to protect your wine from the heat:

Don’t Leave Your Wine in a Hot Car: Nothing fares well in a hot car. Even when the outside temperatures are in the 80s, the inside temperature of a car can easily climb well into the triple digits. When it comes to storing wine, even sustained temperatures in the mid 80 degree range can wreak havoc and create accelerated oxidation. If you’re out running errands, make wine the last stop on the journey, or bring along an ice chest in an emergency.

Find the Perfect Room: Exercise care when choosing where to store wine in your home. The best place is in a wine cellar or basement, or the coolest spot in your home. You definitely don’t want to store your wine where it’s hot, including in your kitchen, on top of your refrigerator, near a window, or in an attic or garage.

Sip Smart Outdoors: There’s little better during the summer than enjoying a glass of wine outdoors, while tending the BBQ, lounging poolside, or chatting it up with friends on the patio. Many people don’t realize that the dark glass of the wine bottle draws the hot sun to it, and once the bottle heats up, the wine can cook within minutes. Keep sipping outdoors, but keep the bottle in the shade.

Keep your wine safe from the heat of the summer. With a little pre-planning, you can protect your Paso Robles Wine Club shipments, along with the wines you pick up to add to your collection, from the harmful effects of the rising thermometer.