Fair Judgement: The Wine Competition

Wine Competitions: The California Mid State Fair

Come summer, all across California’s Central Coast, people start getting ready for the highlight of the season—a trip to Paso Robles Wine Country and a chance to attend The California Mid State Fair. Like every other fair across the United States, there are livestock competitions and exhibit halls filled with arts and crafts, but The California Mid State Fair offers a special perk for winemakers and wineries—a chance to win praise and take home a ribbon.

Have you ever wondered what goes into a wine competition and what’s in it for the wineries and winemakers? Well, here’s a quick rundown:

The Law of Attraction:  Way back in the day, the fair was an opportunity for people from all across rural areas to meet up and interact—not only with each other, but to see what was going in the world outside. Fairs were magnets, drawing people from near and far and the perfect place to show one’s wares and talents. In Paso Robles, the fair is still a huge event—the perfect venue for wineries to showcase their wines to the public.

An Expert’s Opinion: At a wine competition, the judges are rigorously trained individuals with expert palates and experience with professional wine tasting. The competition is a carefully controlled tasting and each judge brings his/her expertise to the mix. Winning a ribbon—or even a word of encouragement—can put a winemaker and the wine on the map and instantly boost demand and increase revenue.

Setting a Standard: Entering a wine into The Mid State Fair’s Wine Competition gives the winemaker important feedback. A benchmark is a standard by which something can be measured, so seeing where their wine finishes and comparing it to other wines made in the same style, is a way for winemakers to make a better product and stay competitive in a tough market.

You may not be able to travel to The California Mid State Fair this year, but with a membership in The Paso Robles Wine Club, you can enjoy tasting a variety of exceptional and unique wines from Paso Robles Wine Country all year long.


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