Wine Tasting and Easter Candy: Why You Should Raid the Easter Basket

Go Ahead--Raid the Easter Basket to Enjoy with Wine
Spring has finally sprung along California’s Central Coast and all throughout Paso Robles Wine Country thoughts are turning to the Easter holiday. If you’re a member of the Paso Robles Wine Club, you’ve probably already gone through your latest shipment and found the perfect wine for the holiday meal, but don’t stop there—one of the best ways to enjoy wine this holiday is to wait until the kids are asleep and then raid their Easter baskets. Read on to learn what Easter candies to pair with which wines, then kick back and enjoy.

Here are our favorite ways to enjoy wine with Easter candy:

The White Chocolate Easter Bunny: Since white chocolate does not contain cocoa, it is not really chocolate at all, but white chocolate is a classic Easter favorite. With notes of honey and caramel, it pairs well with Muscat, Demi-sac or sweet Champagne—and go ahead and eat the ears first if it makes you happy.

Pastel M&M’s®: It’s hotly debated whether or not the pastel M&M’s® taste any different than the regular ones, so grab a bag and find out for yourself. The mild mannered milk chocolate is made by diluting cocoa beans in milk leaving the finished product creamy, lush and round in the finish. Pair your M&M’s®--or any milk chocolate Easter treat—with a creamy Sherry or aged Port for a palate pleasing sensation.

Marshmallow Peeps®: Ah, the beloved marshmallow treats so coveted by some fans that they’ll take advantage of the Easter season to fortify their stockpile. These airy, marshmallow sweet treats are the perfect match for a bottle of bubbly rosẻ--a match guaranteed to add to the festive holiday feel.

Dark Chocolate Truffles: Don’t feel guilty if you go for the dark chocolate truffles. Long a favorite of health nuts because it has low amounts of added sugar and lots of flavonoids, dark chocolate is rich in cocoa and has a definitive depth, dimension and complexity. Wait until the kids are asleep and then pair your truffles with a late harvest Zinfandel for a mind-boggling taste sensation.

Red Velvet and Raspberry Jelly Eggs: Can’t seem to get enough of those wildly fruity Easter eggs? Well, sweets for the sweet—the combination of dark red fruits and jelly suspended in chocolate is a traditional Easter treat. Serve them with a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Merlot for a palate pleasing match

It’s customary to enjoy the Easter feast with a good wine, but most people overlook the delights awaiting them in those Easter baskets. Have a little fun this year by pairing your favorite Easter candies with a few good wines and treat your palate to a fun end to the holiday.