Take the Mystery Out of Buying Good Wine: Join Paso Robles Wine Club

Drink Wines You Love

Everyone loves getting mail, especially when that means opening your door to find a box filled with several bottles of wine. In Paso Robles, a person can’t go wine tasting without avoiding the temptation to join at least one wine club. However, if you wanted to experience a wide variety of wines from Paso Robles Wine Country, you’d have to join more than one wine club.

Joining Paso Robles Wine Club, will give you the opportunity to taste the best of Paso Robles wines—hand-selected—from over 200 wineries. Many of the wines are boutique wines that are hard—if not impossible—to find in a wine shop or store, while others are true treasures that the average wine lover many never discover on their own.

Here are 5 reasons why you should join Paso Robles Wine Club:

Learn More About Wine: Whether you’re just beginning your journey as a wine lover, or you’ve been perfecting your skills for a long time, you’ll enjoy reading about each of the choices in your shipment. You’ll learn more about the region, the winemakers, the styles of wines, and each of the varietals.

Tap Into Our Expertise: Even people who have a good understanding of wine can feel overwhelmed in a wine shop or on the wine aisle of their local supermarket. At the Paso Robles Wine Club, we chose our wines based on our own wine expertise and understanding of the area. This takes the guess work out of wine shopping and provides you with interesting and good wines to explore.

Enjoy Exclusive Wines: One of the wonderful things about exploring wineries on California’s Central Coast is stumbling upon all of the small, boutique wineries. Many of these extraordinarily good wines never make it out of the winery, let alone into the larger distribution chain. However, many of these wines do make it to the members of the Paso Robles Wine Club.

Take Your Palate on an Adventure: Membership in a wine club has its perks. Namely, with every shipment, you get to take your palate on an adventure, tasting wines that are new to you and exploring varietals and styles you may never have encountered on your own.

Add to Your Wine Collection: Collecting wine is more than a passing fancy. Many people collect wine so that they always have a bottle on hand to celebrate life’s special events. As a member of our wine club, you’ll have a selection from which you can drink immediately, and others to tuck away for later.

If you’ve been thinking about joining a wine club, don’t just join any wine club where you’re locked into the same bottles of wine every time; join Paso Robles Wine Club and enjoy tasting a variety of unique, hand-selected wines from Paso Robles Wine Country.