A Halloween Wine Tasting: Pairing Wine with Candy

Everyone knows that wine pairs well with chocolate, so this Halloween as you’re enjoying a glass of your favorite vintage, why not sip it while nibbling on a few of those miniature candy bars? In fact, why not grab a few bottles of wine from your Paso Robles Wine Club shipment—or your cellar—call a few friends over, raid the Halloween candy and have a Trick or Treat style wine tasting?

It may sound unconventional, but many of those same flavor profiles that you taste in candy are the same ones that can be found in wine. Ready to give your taste buds a treat? Here’s few pairings to try:

Pinot: With underlying characteristics of wild herbs and fennel, Pinot can pair well with red licorice and Allsorts.

Merlot: Grab a few handfuls of the ever popular M&Ms®, Snickers® and KitKats® and open a bottle of your favorite Merlot. The earthiness of the nuts and chocolate are the perfect match for Merlot’s big berry, fruit forward profile and the soft tanins will play expertly with the chocolate.

Port: If your middle name is Butterfinger®, then enjoy this classic while sipping on a port for a real treat.

Chardonnay: The workhorse of a Halloween tasting, Chardonnay’s caramel and vanilla notes go well with everything from Bit of Honey® to candy corn, caramels and butterscotch. For a little extra fun, open a bag of Jolly Ranchers® and enjoy a few tropical flavors with your wine.

Bubbles: What’s a Halloween party without a little fun? Your tasting crew will think you’re trying to pull a fast one when you pull out a bottle of bubbles—Champagne, Cava, Proseco—and set out a bowl of Sweet Tarts®, Sour Patch Kids® and Smarties®, but they’ll be quick to get onboard once they experience what a few bubbles can do for sweet and sour candies.

Have a little fun this Halloween by pulling out all the stops and hosting a Halloween wine tasting party. By mixing your favorite wines from your Paso Robles Wine Club shipment, along with classic Halloween treats you’ll astound your friends and family. Oh, and costumes are optional.