Tasting Through Your Wine Shipment

As a member of the Paso Robles Wine Club, you'll receive your special wine shipments on a regular basis and each shipment will feature a unique selection of wines from the Paso Robles Wine Country AVA. Once you receive your shipment, you'll want to make sure that you immediately open the box and properly store your bottles away from heat and light. And then, you'll want to start tasting the wines.

Of course, we don't recommend that you open the bottles all at one time--there are special bottles in each case that beg to be set aside for a special occasion--but, if you're a member of our wine club with the express purpose of sharing your shipment with friends and family, then you may want to arrange a special tasting.

One of the best ways that we can think of is to share the wines in small allotments--choose two or three bottles, open them and let them breathe, and then gather a few of your nearest and dearest and then pour and relax. Encourage your guests to sip and savor and to share their thoughts. It's also a nice idea to share with them a little information about the topography of the land, any nuances of soil, and information of the varietals. Sharing and savoring wine with family and friends in one of the joys of life and as a member of the Paso Robles Wine Club, you can do it on a regular basis.