Hosting a Wine and Cheese Tasting Party

When it comes to the perfect pairing, wine and cheese couldn’t be better suited to each other. Many of our Paso Robles WineClub members report savoring their wine shipments along with cheese and can’t stop talking about the experience.  Like cheese, wine is an agricultural product and picks up similar nuances of a region, so sipping wine while sampling cheese enhances both. 

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy your wine shipment, pairing the wines with cheese might be the perfect solution.

A few pairing ideas:

Pair fresh cheeses with Sauvignon: Soft, creamy fresh cheeses like Feta, Chevre and Burrata taste of fresh milk and are usually tangy. Often, these cheeses are nuanced with grassy, herbaceous undertones. Sauvignon is crisp and fruity and often herbaceous—a perfect compliment.
Chardonnay is a good match for soft ripened cheeses:  Also known as bloomy rind cheeses, these beauties have a oozy texture and mushroomy, tart and tangy profile. Among them: Brie, Camembert, and Robiola. Chardonnay is a great match and enhances any underlying herbal notes in the cheese.
Semi Hard Cheeses are enhanced by Chardonnay: With their low moisture content and crumbly texture, these cheeses are characterized by their sharp, tangy profile—one that’s made more pleasurable paired with a buttery, earthy Chardonnay; the underlying notes of caramel and fruit bring out the best in semi-hard cheeses.

After choosing the cheeses, add in a simple mix of accompaniments—fresh figs, grapes and apples, a selection of water crackers and sliced baguette, and a few handfuls of walnuts or almonds. Selecting the wines is easy when you join the Paso Robles Wine Club. We’ll send regular shipments to you and once you discover wines you like, you can reorder—and they’ll arrive in time for your next wine and cheese pairing.


  1. Good to know about this wine and cheese combination. Really liked this idea. Planning to have this awesome wine tasting party at one of San Francisco venues. Will have this amazing idea of wine and cheese there. Hope everyone will like it.

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