Setting up a Monthly Tasting Group

Touring Paso RoblesWine Country and visiting the tasting rooms to try our local wines is a great way to spend the day, but it might not be something that you can do as often as you would like. One way to continue educating your palate and learning more about the area is to join the Paso Robles Wine Club and enjoy regular shipments of award winning wines produced in the Paso Robles AVA. 

Another way to hone your palate is to host a monthly wine tasting group. A tasting group is made up of fellow wine lovers who get together on a regular basis to taste through and talk about a selection of wines. Think of it as a book club for oenophiles.

A wine tasting can be organized in many ways. Here are a few suggestions that will help yours be an enjoyable experience for all:

Go Blind: Our minds can play tricks on us without us even being fully aware. If we see a bottle or a label from a well-known, well-received winery, we're more likely to give that wine a higher rating, or a more favorable tasting, than one from a lesser known winery. By wrapping the bottles in foil, or placing them in bags, it evens the playing field and requires us to use our palate.

Choose Your Method: There are many ways to set up a tasting, but the most popular 2 are the varietal tasting and the horizontal tasting. In a varietal tasting, wines from various regions are sampled and elements of geography, soil, and weather are taken into consideration. In a horizontal tasting, wines of a varietal are tasted only from a specific area.

With a basic wine vocabulary and crackers and water to clean the palate, you can host a successful wine tasting that includes both newbies and skilled tasters. As a member of the Paso Robles Wine Club, your shipment is a good way to share both your love of wine and sharpen your palate. Include yours in a wine tasting group and if you like what you taste, we’d be happy to send you more.