Concert Box Series

Now in its second year, Vina Robles Amphitheater is a popular destination for both locals and tourists, especially those who take advantage of the Wine Wrangler Concert Shuttle Service to and from the venue. 

The Paso Robles Wine Club is pleased to offer our members our special Concert Box Service.

Our Vina Robles Concert Box Service includes:
  • Shuttle Service to Vina Robles Amphitheater on our Wine Wrangler Concert Shuttle
  • Boxed seating in our special Paso Robles Wine Club Concert Box which offers some of the best seats in the house
  • VIP treatment, including food and drink service, so you can stay seated and enjoy the show, access to the VIP lounge to mingle with other concert goers—or to stretch your legs—and access to the VIP restrooms

Vina Robles Amphitheater opened in the summer of 2013 as the largest outdoor concert venue in the state. The concert season runs from May until November and this year’s lineup includes such artists as Dwight Yoakum, Weezer, Ron Zombie, and Crosby, Stills and Nash. Concert goers can enjoy a variety of foods, including specialty sandwiches and wood fired pizzas, along with Vina Robles Estate wines and a selection of beers.

Enjoy music under the stars at Vina Robles Amphitheater while enjoying the best that the Paso RoblesWine Club has to offer—our special Concert Box service.