Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Setting up a Monthly Tasting Group

Touring Paso RoblesWine Country and visiting the tasting rooms to try our local wines is a great way to spend the day, but it might not be something that you can do as often as you would like. One way to continue educating your palate and learning more about the area is to join the Paso Robles Wine Club and enjoy regular shipments of award winning wines produced in the Paso Robles AVA. 

Another way to hone your palate is to host a monthly wine tasting group. A tasting group is made up of fellow wine lovers who get together on a regular basis to taste through and talk about a selection of wines. Think of it as a book club for oenophiles.

A wine tasting can be organized in many ways. Here are a few suggestions that will help yours be an enjoyable experience for all:

Go Blind: Our minds can play tricks on us without us even being fully aware. If we see a bottle or a label from a well-known, well-received winery, we're more likely to give that wine a higher rating, or a more favorable tasting, than one from a lesser known winery. By wrapping the bottles in foil, or placing them in bags, it evens the playing field and requires us to use our palate.

Choose Your Method: There are many ways to set up a tasting, but the most popular 2 are the varietal tasting and the horizontal tasting. In a varietal tasting, wines from various regions are sampled and elements of geography, soil, and weather are taken into consideration. In a horizontal tasting, wines of a varietal are tasted only from a specific area.

With a basic wine vocabulary and crackers and water to clean the palate, you can host a successful wine tasting that includes both newbies and skilled tasters. As a member of the Paso Robles Wine Club, your shipment is a good way to share both your love of wine and sharpen your palate. Include yours in a wine tasting group and if you like what you taste, we’d be happy to send you more.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Give the Gift of Wine: Buying a Shipment

Weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays are all special events that require a thoughtful and unique gift—exactly the sort that membership in the Paso Robles Wine Club can provide. 

Most gifts are quick to excite and easy to forget, but with regular shipments of award winning wines from the Paso Robles AVA, your gift will be remembered and savored long after the special event has passed.

You can choose the shipment that fits your budget and the occasion and you can select red or white wine, or a mix. 

Choose from these packages:
  • Rustler: Looking for the perfect way to taste the best the Paso Robles AVA has to offer—but in a smaller package? The Rustler fits the bill. You’ll receive 3 bottles of premium wine three times a year—and the price will never exceed $120 per shipment.
  • Wrangler: Thrill your palate with a varied selection of premium wines from the Paso Robles AVA. This package includes 6 bottles of premium wines shipped three times a year at or less than $240 a shipment.
  • High Plains Drifter: COMING SOON! This will be a completely custom select shipment.

Membership in the Paso Robles Wine Club comes with many other benefits, including:
  • 15% discount on current releases
  • 20% discount on all case reorders
  • 20% off all Wine Wrangler Tours

Don’t wait any longer to sign up for the Paso Robles Wine Club that selects and ships wines from over 200 wineries in the Paso Robles AVA. Your shipments are guaranteed to arrive in excellent condition and will never include bulk, closeout, or private label wines.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Best Whites for a Summer Picnic

Many of our Paso Robles Wine Club Members first learn about us when they take a wine tour with our sister company, The Wine Wrangler

Based in Paso Robles, The Wine Wrangler offers both social and private tours throughout the beautiful Paso Robles AVA. 

It’s no wonder that so many people fall in love with California’s Central Coast—rolling hills dotted with vineyards and oak, pastoral backroads, and ocean vistas. We think our area is one of the best places to venture off the main road and find an idyllic picnic spot.

If you’re on a wine tour with The Wine Wrangler, your expert guide will lead you to the perfect spot and if you choose, provide you with a gourmet deli style lunch, but if your picnic basket is at the ready and you’re venturing off on your own, you might be looking for a few suggestions of the best white wines to take along.

Summer weather on California’s Central Coast can be a little warm, so choosing a white wine to accompany your picnic fare, might be best.

Here are a few recommendations:

Chardonnay: Full-bodied and velvety, Chardonnay ranges from nuanced oak, butter and caramel, with notes of melon, coconut and vanilla. Pairing well with cheese and fruit, it’s also good served alongside dense bread and cured meats.

Sauvignon Blanc: Herbaceous and grassy with notes of green apple, white peach, and apricot, Sauvignon pairs well with fresh cheeses—feta and chevre—pasta salad, and antipasto.

Moscato: Sweet and musky with the flavors of roses, peaches, orange and honeysuckle, Moscato is excellent when served with fresh cheeses, fruit and desserts.

Beautiful scenery and world class wines make Paso Robles Wine Country the perfect place to enjoy a picnic. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Best Wines for a BBQ

Warm weather, long summer evenings, and shooting stars are a definite lure in taking to the patio with friends and family, but more than anything else it’s the lure of the BBQ. Quintessentially summer, hosting a summer BBQ is the perfect outside activity, a time honored tradition where you can eat well and sip wine late into the night. 

Everyone wants to host the perfect get-together, but choosing the right wine for your BBQ can be complicated—that’s why our goal at the Paso Robles Wine Club is to help make your life easier by offering real wine advice—and wines—to make your celebrations more memorable.

Here’s a quick primer on choosing the perfect wines to complement the foods that are on your grill:

 Choose Whites for Lighter Fare: Delicate fish, chicken, and most pork (with the exception of heavy seasonings or sauces) is delicious when served with white wine. Look for a wine that compliments the menu—Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc are known for their characteristic tree fruits (apricot, white peach, pear and green apple) while Chardonnay has more citrus and tropical notes (grapefruit, lemon, mango, passion fruit).

Choose Big Reds for Bold Flavors: Thick juicy steaks, sizzling burgers, and spicy, sauced up ribs need the balance of the Big Reds. The best choices are Cabernet, Zinfandel and Rhone Blends—with flavors of pepper, black fruit, tobacco, and leather.

With over 200 wineries in the Paso Robles AVA, you’ll have plenty of good choices. However, if you have a special get-together planned and you’d like to have a selection of special wines, the Paso Robles Wine Club can work with you in putting together a list of wines to meet your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.