Paso Robles is Growing!

Paso Robles isn't just about just grapes or wineries any more, the collective interest in Paso Robles includes great restaurants, and now hotel rooms are following!  As many of you know, the Paso Robles wine region was selected by Wine Enthusiast as the 2013 Wine Region of the Year.

All of this means demand,which requires that supply (wine, food, rooms), must be ample in the near future for visitors and the consuming public.  Investment in beds is the next serious growth addition to Paso Robles.

With 200 tasting rooms and another 100 + smaller wine labels without tasting facilities calling Paso Robles home, the attention of the media has focused here for the past few years.  The attention has brought better wine making practices and better wine, higher prices and higher end restaurants.  There are no less than 18 nice restaurants within 100 paces of the Paso Robles city park. The weekend traffic has increased to the point where if you don’t have a room reservation at least a month in advance you will not be able to find a room. B & B’s have been popping up all over the region helping with room availability on a small scale, but hotel rooms which are desperately needed are slower to come online. We have added 1 new hotel in the last two years and 1 is near completion while at least 3 more are planned and in the permitting process.

With all of the investments noted above, Paso Robles is growing its ability to call itself a world class wine region. The Paso Robles Wine Club endeavors to deliver to you the best world class wines from this burgeoning area!