2015 Fall Shipment

Diablo Paso ~ 2014 Garnacha Retail: $30.00 Wine Club $25.50
Grenache/ Garnacha has its origins in the northern Spanish Province of Aragon, and was brought to California in the early 1860's. The grapes used in Diablo Paso Garnacha come from the Paso Robles California Appellation where the climate allows a top quality grape to grow. This rich and elegant wine has a violet rim with orange highlights and a cherry tone in the core. This wine will rock your palette with luscious flavor of dark fruits and smooth tannins at the end of each sip. Enjoy with your favorite dishes like paella, sea food or a good juicy steak. 

Drink now through 2018

Hearst Ranch ~ “Three Sisters Cuvee’ Retail: $22.00 Wine Club: $18.70

Three Sisters White is a delightful wine, ripe with complexity and charm. Viognier, Roussanne, and Grenache Blanc make up the components of this really lovely wine. The warm growing season, free of autumn precipitation afforded us patience, allowing for acidity and flavor development to achieve harmony. The dominant Viognier component makes its presence known throughout, especially on the nose. While swirling in the glass you can expect notes of lemon grass, lychee, orange peel and honeydew melon. The interaction between the two makes this wine versatile-equally at ease with or without food.

Drink now through 2016

Hearst Ranch ~ “The Pergola” 2013 Petite Sirah Retail: $25.00 Wine Club: $21.25

This wine manages to both be decadent and versatile, which is no small feat! During the blending trials the descriptors of chocolate, sweet bacon fat, vanilla and spiced stone fruits made numerous appearances. While being delicious is of great importance, it is also imperative that the depth and structure add intrigue to the wine. To rein in the bold tannins inherent to Petite Sirah, Hearst Ranch Wines employ a cooler fermentation than normal, which limits extraction. The resulting mid-palate is nothing short of velvety and allows the acidity to keep the wine composed. This is the perfect bottle to serve with your main course and have the last little bit to carry over to dessert.

Drink now through 2020

Falcone Vineyards ~ 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon Retail: $44.00 Wine Club: $37.40
This 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon shows great depth and structure. The warm weather in June 2013 intensified color and tannin in the fruit. Results of a warm growing season include purple hues and a rich velvety tannin texture on the finish. There are aromas of Cherry, Blackberry, Anise, Cocoa and Wood Smoke. Flavors of Cherry, Blackberry, and Black Cherry, dominate the palate. Optimum harvesting produces soft, silky wines with rich tannins that will continue to develop with age, but are approachable when young. If you are going to drink this wine soon (2015 – 2016)… I recommend the following procedures: Decant for 2 – 3 solid hours if drinking the same day. Or, if you are planning a hefty steak dinner for tomorrow night; Open this wine, pour a little taste and then leave on the counter with cork gently pushed in ½ inch over night…It should be great! Otherwise this is a wine to put away and wait to drink anywhere from 2023 to 2026 if you have the patience. 

Cases Produced: 600

Drink anywhere from 2023 to 2026

Niner Wine Estates ~ 2014 AlbariƱo Retail: $27.00 Wine Club: $22.95

Almost golden colored, this gorgeous wine has absolutely show stopping aromas of rich honeysuckle flowers, mango and mandarin orange. The palate combines a waxen and full texture with a sheen of acid to create a rich mid-palate and a crisp finish, reminiscent of the full flavor and bit of fresh cantaloupe.

Cases Produced: 525
Drink now through 2016

Last Light ~ Pinot Noir 2012 Retail: $35.00 Wine Club: $29.75

A deep ruby and brilliant dark crimson sheen drives the color of our 2012 Pinot Noir. As the wine opens up the nose is treated to fragrances of bright red fruit, strawberry rhubarb, freshly pressed tomato water and wet forest floor. Ripe cherries and crushed cranberry flavors combine with spice and worm brown sugar notes to create a weighty feel that coat the mouth. These fragrant aromas and lively flavors maintain a seamless texture that is balanced by the wine’s vibrant acidity. This wine continues to reveal further complexity as it ages. 

Cases Produced: 148 

Drink now through 2022

Brady Vineyard ~ Petite Sirah 2011 Retail: $25.00 Wine Club: $21.25

The 2011 Brady Vineyard Petite Sirah is rich and luxurious, featuring deep crimson color and aromas reminiscent of blackberry, and black pepper with subtle notes of roasted vanilla and spice. On tasting, it shows opulent texture and savory berry and bramble flavors that echo the aromas. The wine is luscious, full-bodied, balancing gentle acidity and just a hint of velvety oak that lengthens the finish. Enjoy by itself or with smoked or roasted meats, sharp cheeses and with dishes with rich flavorful sauces. 

Drink now through 2020

Niner Wine Estates ~ 2012 Malbec Retail: $35.00 Wine Club: $29.75

The wine opens up with distinctive dark fruit flavors with hints of violet, nutmeg, and clove. The fruit follows through on the palate and is joined by dusty layers of earth and a rich velvety finish of well integrated oak.  It will benefit from at least 30 minutes of decanting as it's still early in the wine's lifecycle.  

Decant to drink now or hold and age to drink from 2020 through 2025.